Monday, October 10, 2011

What Counts

"Bob! Home run! That was amazing!"

"Yeah! I had a home run! I had three home runs!"

"Well, no. You ran to the three bases and got one home run. One home run is great!"

"I ran to a million bases!"

"Three bases. The truth is plenty. The truth is enough."

"I had one home run."

"And it was beautiful."


  1. Thank you for teaching him that the truth is important. I'm battling with parents who help their children lie and cheat right now. Some future teacher is going to be so grateful that you're teaching your kid to be honest.

  2. "The truth is enough." That's the best parenting advice ever.

  3. I loved this post so much, I read it a thousand times!

    Um...well I really *did* love it.

    And that's the truth.



  4. As my dad and I often say, when watching baseball: All home runs are beautiful.

  5. Haha awwwww. <3 You're a really great mom. Good job on the home run, Bob!

  6. Such an amazing mom. It's a difficult task to turn boys into men who don't exagerrate everything.

  7. "Three bases. The truth is plenty. The truth is enough."

    Let's all just tattoo this on our foreheads, shall we?

  8. I'm with Demandra. I love your advice. That's the kind of parenting that produces a Bob. Excellent job, Yodamom. (Although I guess he's say "Plenty is the truth. Enough,it is."