Sunday, October 23, 2011

Smacksy Sunday Links

I loved Elvis Costello and then I loved him a little more.

My friend Marinka wrote this brilliant little book. The perfect Christmas and Hanukkah gift for all the kids you know.

And the funny and touching How We Met Your M Word by Jerry Mahoney from Listen To Your Mother LA.

Happy Sunday.


  1. LOVE Elvis Costello! I hadn't seen this yet- thank you!


  2. Love me some Elvis!

    And that is a super-cool photo there. It's fall-tastic.



  3. you should make a book compiling all the cute things bob says. I'd be the first to buy it.

  4. I heard the Elvis Costello and Elmo on the radio last week and really love when Elmo does anything. He is just too cute.

    Every Sunday you give me something new to see and read...thank you!

  5. I just saw my 19th Elvis Costello concert, so this was up my alley. But I've got to say, Elmo was far cuter. And the BBC clip was stellar, especially that Bobby Goldsboro looking host. Got to love those 70's looks, except for every single picture of me from that decade.