Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Check, Please

"Here you go, Sir." The waiter winked as he set down Bob's plate.

"Thank you." Bob waited until the waiter walked away and then whispered, "Mom, shouldn't I tell him my real name?"


  1. Oh, gosh, yes.

    SO GLAD you are writing all this down.
    I've told you before, but I mean it: I would love BOB to be a bedside book, so I could fall asleep with a smile every night.

  2. I agree with Bob. Every time someone calls me Ma'am, I look around for my late mother. My name is Ilene

  3. Gonna keep naggin you...gotta put this in a book, or write a sitcom.

  4. A BOB BOOK?! (Jumping up and down)((yeah for the sportsbra)) I want a Bob book!