Monday, December 5, 2011

Things I Learned During 4 Days Without Electricity

We got off lucky with the giant wind storm that ravaged our town last week. We didn't lose our cars or home as some did. All we lost was our electricity. I am grateful to all of the friends and family who offered their electrified homes for our use, but hanging out in our cold, dark pad for a few days, I learned some things.

1. If everyone and the pets sleep inside the Star Wars fort on the bed, it is warmer than sleeping in that same bed sans fort. Nevertheless, the experience is a reminder of why winter camping is best avoided.

2. If your kid is sick and you try to use an electronic thermometer to take his temperature, it will malfunction if the room you are in is colder than 65 degrees. You might not know this so you will think the thermometer is broken and brave a late night Rite Aid run for a new thermometer and then the new one won't work either for that same reason. Also consider reading the manual the first time you buy one of those fancy thermometers, Hot Pants.

3. However many battery operated lanterns you have will not provide enough light to pluck your eyebrows with any degree of accuracy. Related: I would be the first one kicked off Survivor.

4. If you are behind on the laundry when the power goes out, by day four you will find yourself wearing tan dress slacks and a child's size 6 Gryffindor t-shirt.

5. If you drive three towns over to an open Target to buy a warm hat, four different people will comment that the new hat makes you look like a 1970's Mary Tyler Moore. You will decide to take this as a compliment and later ask Mr. Grant for a raise because you've got spunk.

6. Buying one of those solar powered cell phone chargers would have been a good way to spend a few bucks two weeks ago.

7. If you don't open your fridge for four days when the power is off, when you finally open the door, you will get the smells you deserve.

Batten down everyone, it's winter or something.


  1. I'm so glad that you're power is back on. God, I love electricity.

  2. Good thing it wasn't super-cold!
    I hope Bob had fun camping at home. :)

  3. I would never let you go on Surviver.

    Love your life lessons.

    (You do look like a sassy Mary Tyler Moore in that hat!)


  4. Interesting to read from a far off place that does not suffer such harsh weather conditions; however I did get given for last birthday a solar powered phone charger... (we say mobile over here or even 'portable' à la français), but even with an initial electical charge of several hours with a USB key, and regular top ups with the SUN, it does not charge well any cell phone or mp3 type gadget. A separate 'clock work' generator would be much better. The kind that was developed for the 'wind-up' radio that is now used in battery starved Africa. Hope that works for you.

  5. A wind storm?? So glad y'all weren't hurt. And no electricity for four days can always lend to fun times, sans the fridge smell.

    Also, I found this the other day. I hope Bob will enjoy it.

  6. I feel terrible for you misfortune and yet there's a part of me that wants to say, "Welcome to the world north of CA."

    Did you forget that Lou hated "spunk"? Sorry, no raises this year.

  7. We're still a tad bit traumatized. On my raid to Rite-Aid, I got a battery cell phone charger. Much needed. Hope Bob is feeling better.

  8. I knew you weren't the Survivor type.

    It's alright, you've got Bob, I've got Baby E.

  9. Aw, Cheryl and Allison beat me to it, but I still pictured Ed Asner growling in my head...