Friday, December 30, 2011

Lucky Pennies

This season, Bob was back for his third annual holiday shopping trip to the 99 Cent Store. His choices were thoughtful and most excellent.

For Jeff
Package of hooks and screws "For Dad's workshop." (What workshop?)
Bar of soap "For the sweating."

For Bajan (Jeff's Mom)
Package of white daisy napkin rings "What are these?"
Eyeshadow "Ladies like make up."

For MeeMee (My Mom)
Blue plastic vase with faux red roses "She can put it on her table for beauty."
Sparkly adhesive fingernail decorations "Glittery."

For Aunt Jill (Jeff's Sister)
Glass vase "For flowers or other things."
Liquid hand soap with goldfish decorations "They aren't real fish. I'll tell her."

For Aunt Jen (Bob's Godmother)
Orange flashlight "In case her electricity goes out like ours."
Snowman window decals "She's really into snowmen."

For Pops (Jeff's Step-dad)
Bar of soap "Because he does exercise too."
Large bag of tortilla chips "Because old guys like chips, mostly."

For Me
Package of 175 gold safety pins "Because they are golden like pirate treasure."
White beaded necklace with silver-toned starfish pendant "They are all jewels."

They are all jewels.


  1. One of my recent faves. They are all jewels.

  2. The next time I see my stash of those little gold safety pins, I'm going to think of pirate treasure. Yo ho!

  3. They were all jewels. Especially the giver.

  4. I am going to store this post in my head, for beauty. Happy New Year!

  5. How sweet. You made me remember that my nephew gave me his favourite red crayon for Christmas 24 years ago . . . I still have it.

  6. Oh.

    Lump in my throat.

    Your days..they are all treasures.

  7. oh, this is wonderful. what an adorable thoughtful boy you are raising! and practical, too! he is a jewel.

    thank you for coming by my blog and leaving a comment, and clicking the follow button. i'm thrilled to discover smacksy and look forward to visiting often.

    happy new year!

  8. I love that little man. Happy Holidays to all of you! Lots and lots of love.

    ("Put it on her table for beauty" is just wow.)

  9. He's a jewel! Thanks for your great blog. Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you and yours!