Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What A Value

Taking a cue from this sweet blog post by my home slice, Nancy at A Musing Mother, I made a plan to let Bob do some of his own holiday shopping this year. I let him loose at the .99 Cent Store and he did the rest. The results were spectacular.

For Bajan (Bajan is short for “Grandma Jan,” Jeff’s mom):
ceramic sheep, chia pet-ish in style
foot long pink princess pen
“silver” chain with a pearl, rose and filigree circle pendant
(The necklace was very nearly a pair of yellow tie-dyed bikini panties but Bob had a change of heart.)

For Pops (Bajan’s husband, Bob’s grandpa):
blue ceramic box with dog figurine on lid, Bob instructed me to fill it with candy
“Pops likes dogs… and candy.”

Mee Mee (My mom):
black gloves
lighthouse figurine with flashing light
2 pink, plastic Dora the Explorer cups
“For having drinks at her house.”

Aunt Jen (Bob’s Godmother):
jade plant
“Like in her backyard.”
yellow ceramic cup
Virgin de Guadalupe coffee mug (Will look great on the shelf next to her menorah.)

Black gloves
Silly Putty
“You’re good at making it into a ball and doing the bouncing.”

heart on fire Jesus coffee mug (Jesus is one of our favorite Jews.)
And my favorite...

Rudy Guliani '08 for President bobble-head figurine
“Because it looks like daddy.”
And it so does.

I can safely say our new holiday tradition will be repeated next year.


  1. Can Bob shop for me next year? I didn't manage to find anything as fabulous as that bobnble head.

  2. What an awesome selection of presents. I think I may have to let my kids try it next year to see what they come up with.

  3. That is such a great idea! I will have to remember this next year with my daughter. She has a wallet full of coins, and would just love this.

  4. I think Bob has a bright future as Paris Hilton's personal shopper.

  5. I also believe the same way that Bob has got a high potential in his talent area....really Awesome in many aspects...just feeling blessed to be here..

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