Monday, December 21, 2009

Oy Christmas Tree

We've had our Christmas tree up for two weeks now and it's starting to make itself at home.

All of the Santas on our tree have mysteriously been to turned to show us their bottoms. "Mysteriously."

The star apparently fell off of the top of the tree. My husband fixed it with scotch tape. He does get bonus points for not taping it on to the tree itself.

Bob has moved this delightful clothes pin Santa (hand made by me at age 7) to the back of the tree, facing the wall. Because, as he explained, "it doesn't really look like Santa."

Bob created this ornament (dried Play Doh clod), and has placed it in prime real estate on the front of the tree.

And if you need Pearl, you can find her parked right here until January 1.

And to all a good night.


  1. I think my favorite ornament is the play-doh clod. George has broken the arms off of a Nutcracker ornament already.

  2. I have to agree with Katie, the clod is a keeper.

  3. I think it looks great. Oh, and for what it's worth, you can tell you family that I thought Santa WAS a long legged, armless skinny dude until I was like, 20.

  4. One year our entire tree fell over during a holiday party and we ended up tieing it to the curtain rod. It was so ghetto and fabulous.


  5. There's nothing a little scotch tape can't fix!

    This is the first year we've actually placed ornaments on the bottom of the tree within arm's reach of toddlers.

  6. so, i opened as fiona stood next me. she asked, "who is this?". i answered, "my friend in california." she asked if your small profile picture was you, and then proceeded to say, "people in california are pretty." i agreed as i scrolled down to this post. she then asked, "do they put meat on christmas trees in california?", in reference to the playdoh clod.

  7. Please tell Fiona that people in Atlanta are genius-supermodels. And the Baby Jesus loves a meat tree.

  8. I love Bob's clod. Someday he'll put it on HIS tree. A playdoh clod is never just a playdoh clod...