Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Hold Your Nose

Teddy waiting for his brother to return home.

Levi came in after playing in a (forbidden!) flower bed in the backyard last night. When he trotted into the house, Bob and I looked at each other and started yelling.

"Levi! What is that smell?"

"Dude, that's so gross! Mom? What is it?""

"Levi, what did you roll in?"

"Is that a skunk smell, Mom?"

"No. It smells more like a dead thing."

"Mom! Do something!"

I'm telling you, friends, it was putrid.

Levi is too large for me to get into the tub and Mr. Rosenberg wasn't home yet. I tried rubbing Levi down with some weird dog wipes I had in the cabinet. Bob followed him around spraying lemon air freshener until the house smelled like a lemony fresh dead thing.

Today, I dropped Levi off at the vet for a full de-stench-ing shampoo spa experience. The smell is mostly gone from the house, however Levi was kind enough to transfer the odor to my car.

Windows down, everyone. Windows down.

Monday, October 15, 2018


The Stonehenge project is complete. Mr. Rosenberg was compelled to sing "Stonehenge" from Spinal Tap all weekend. "... Stonehenge! Where the demons dwell. Where the banshees live and they do live well. Stonehenge! Where a man's a man and the children dance to the Pipes of Pan..."

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Smacksy Saturday Photo: Boats on the Bay

This week I read a gorgeous children's book. Boats on the Bay is written by Jeanne Walker Harvey and beautifully illustrated by our friend Grady McFerrin. This book will make a sweet holiday-birthday-something-gift for your favorite baby-toddler-youngster-person. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Great Good Night

Tonight my friend Karen and I went to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA. It was the first
time for the both of us.  It's pretty spectacular on the outside.

It's also pretty spectacular on the inside. This is what it looks like when the LA Philharmonic is warming up and you're trying to take a photo around the head of the guy in front of you who's wearing a hipster porkpie hat. The Disney Concert Hall was made even more spectacular on the inside with the presence of one of my favorite musicians, Andrew Bird. 

This is Andrew Bird. Mr. Bird is a singer-songwriter, violin player, and phenomenal whistler. I was first introduced to his music when I saw him in a short piece on a kid's show back in the early, sleep-deprived years of being Bob's mom.

Here he is as Dr. Strings back on Jack's Big Music Show on the Noggin Network. Remember Noggin? Me neither, but I don't remember anything from that year because, again, sleep-deprivation. We were all so much younger then, even Andrew Bird. Anyway, tonight he played with the Philharmonic and it was special. It was, dare I say, magical? Yes, I do dare. It was a little magical. 

Here he is singing some more grown-up music. You're welcome. 
(Magically welcome.)