Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Smacksy Sunday Links

The roof of Mr. Rosenberg's car.

Lessons from ancient philosophers.

The world of Kay Nielsen.

Happy Sunday.

Smacksy Saturday Photo That's Actually a Video: This Morning Came Early

Waking up.


We got up obscenely early in the morning to drive to Arizona. We were spending four days at MLB Spring Training and we wanted to get a jump on our six hour drive. Somewhere around our second hour, the sun started rising in the desert. Purple and yellow wildflowers were hugging the highway. Bob was asleep in the backseat. Mr. Rosenberg was making me laugh with an improvised Huell Howser-style bit about highway safety.

As we sped along, I looked out my window at the mountains, the desert, the light. I thought about how I'd made some bad choices in my life and also some excellent ones and all of them had led me to this one lovely moment.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Another Scene From the 65 Pound Lap Dog



"Mom, the guys and I are just going to hang out with the ducks."

Fox Face

At this particular cabin, there are three couches, six beds, and two dog beds. Teddy has slept on all of these available surfaces and made up some new ones.