Tuesday, December 10, 2019

10th Annual Bob's 99 Cent Store Holiday Shopping Trip (*spoiler alert for immediate family)

Bob's Annual 99 Cent Store Holiday Shopping Trip has now taken place for ten years running, folks. No, I can't believe it either. Here's what the list looked like this year. 

Me - A mug of unknown decor. "Mom! Don't look! Are you looking? Don't! You'll totally ruin the surprise of your present!"

Mr. Rosenberg - Large Reese's Peanut Butter Cup package. 

Bajan (Mr. Rosenberg's mom) - Package of chamomile herb tea. "This doesn't have caffeine, right? Bajan always likes things that are decaf."

Aunt Jill - Pink notebook decorated with silver polka dots. "I think Aunt Jill probably has to right down a lot of stuff at her work."

Aunt Jen - Green ceramic serving dish. "Hello? It's green!"

Our Friend Dawn - Glass mug in the shape of a snowman with a built in straw cap. "Does she like snowmen? I bet she does. And she can take it in the car."
Pops - Mega Twix Pack. "Pops loves sweets so much. And all of the other food."

MeeMee (my mom) - 6" Reindeer figurine covered in red glitter with white glitter antlers. "Mee Mee will totally put this on her mantle. It's a great decoration. Super sparkly. Like Christmas."

Friday, December 6, 2019

april 3, 1944

sorry. still don't have capitalization capabilities.

april 3, 1944

dear puss,
the letter and pictures of yours came and they were plenty okay. i have definite hopes of receiving a good deal more similar to those so don't quit writing. and when you get the roll of film developed after taking the pictures, send me a print of each. i certainly don't want to wait 'til i come home to see them for it is liable to be a few months yet.

believe me there is no one anyplace who can hold any candle to you and i do believe that is has been proven. you can't imagine how i long to be with you and how very much i need you. one doesn't miss the happiness until he has known it so well. i do love you so much.

thanks a plenty for the promise of sending the cigs and blades 'n such. plan to see gone with the wind again when it comes here but it's awful lonesome going to the show by myself.

love and a couple of bear hugs,

on the ferry

it's pretty breathtaking

this castle

this castle is made of sugar. you heard me.

ted bread

you've probably never wondered if bread can have personality, but now you know anyway.

little boats

like a little boat
anchored near the harbor
roll with the current
dark and bright
if you capsize
or lose your mooring
like a little boat
roll on to your back
float again

Sunday, December 1, 2019

smacksy sunday links

my friend just showed me some of the work of artist malcom liepke. divine.

well. yesterday i dropped a cup of coffee on my computer keyboard. i currently can't capitalize anything but i keep hoping it will all work itself out. until then, i'm a lower-case lady.

german lessons - a lovely and poignant essay

winter is the season of my childhood

alison roman makes thanksgiving dinner in her very small kitchen

ew's top ten books of the decade. i agree with a number of these. the rest are sitting unread, next to my bed

if slim aarons came back as a painter

a murmuration of starlings - one of my favorite things

happy sunday

smacksy saturday photo - tangled

mr. rosenberg's current holiday task