Monday, November 11, 2019

March 8, 1944

Happy Veteran's Day. Today, for Veterans Day, I read aloud a V-Mail letter on my YouTube channel. To see it, click here. Below, I'm continuing with an excerpt from another letter sent to my grandmother from my grandfather during WWII.

Hello Puss,
... When you write, say anything you wish for your mail to me is not searched by the censors. Of course you know that I can't buy any clothes here so maybe you could send me a scarf, green in color. Bought a handmade knife at a very reasonable price. Bought a bell in a pub and looked at the bottom of it - Made in the USA. That was one time the joke was on me.

Get pretty blue over here - not by myself I know, but this time it's bad. I want you near me so much and the thought of it being a long time maybe, just about shakes the props out from under me. Tried getting a bit blotto but it was only a waste of dough. Now it may seem a bit odd but when I do get the blues, I can't sit down and write like I want to. One fellow said if he could just cry for a few minutes, he could get rid of it but he is like me. He can't cry no matter what. To get a letter helps to make them vanish so write often Puss, please.

Sure gets dark here - finally got a hand torch so I wont run into my hand when I put it up for a guide on a dark night. You know Love, that's getting pretty dark.
I do love you Puss, just a little and you know that means with all my love,

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Smacksy Sunday Links

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This street photography. 

And ravens exhibit complex intelligence behaviors similar to humans.

Happy Sunday.

Smacksy Saturday Photo: Waiting

Watching Mr. Rosenberg making pancakes. 

Friday, November 8, 2019

Another Thing I Made

And the music's not immortal;
But the world has made it sweet.
-Alfred Noyes, The Barrel Organ

Thursday, November 7, 2019

29 February, 1944 - Leap Year

The next letter to my grandmother from my grandfather, during World War II.

Hello Sugar Puss,
Received your letter of the 3 February on the 27, two days ago. And today's Sugar Report will start in where my last letter left off. I was, at the time, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. After due course of time, we landed and are now somewhere in England.... England has been at war for four years. A husband, brother, sister, or any combination of such, is nine times out of ten, missing from the family and it naturally leaves a surplus of girls. After so much of the heartbreak of the war, they live for what pleasure they can possibly derive. So it is not the destruction of a country that ruins it. Rather it is the last hope which is gone and they term it morale. The longer the fight, the lower the morale goes. You can see now that a country degenerates terribly and loses even though they may win the so called victory for they send to war, the cream of the crop...

English are very generous. when you eat a meal at their house. they will put a week's ration on the table and tell you to eat it all. But out of politeness and to save them from starving, you eat but very little.

I look for mail from you every day and day after day there is none but I know that as soon as they are able to, the mail will come thru to us. Sure wish I had put you in my pocket before I left for now I could take you out and let you live near me. The first time I come home, I'm going to do that very thing. Put you in one pocket and Sandra in the other. Give her a kiss for me and keep most of them for yourself and here is a bear hug. Keep the home fires burning for this guy over here cause he sure does love you and miss you terribly. The war won't last forever though and when it's over I'll come back and no more do I roam by myself. Be sure to write.
Love, Lee

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Fall Back

Pet Store Clerk Guy: Ok, great. Do you have a discount phone number with us?

Me: Yeah. 323... Wait. I don't have a 323 number.

PSCG: No problem.

Me: 626... Hold on. Um.

PSCG: I found you by your name. Do you want to put in a different number for next time?

Me: Yeah. I'll use my cell. I don't know where my brain is.

PSCG: It's okay. It's only Tuesday. Still early in the week.

Me: Isn't it Wednesday?

PSCG: Oh, yeah. I guess it is.

Me: High five.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

January 26, 1944

This letter from my grandfather to my grandmother was sent from Camp Howze, Texas where he was stationed at a training camp. The Kathleen he refers to is his sister. My mother (Sandra) had been born fifteen days before and he had yet to meet her.

"Hello Puss, and Little Puss,
Today there was no word from you but  letter from Kathleen came this afternoon. It is enclosed and the cross cannons she spoke of are those that I wore during the first two years that I was in the Army. If you would like them, tell her and she will send them to you.When I left on the train last week, I forgot to tell her what to do with them. Both Mother and Kathleen came down there to the station to see me off.

From your letter of Sunday, it sounds as if Sandra has been handed both of our temperaments all rolled up into one. Quiet and easy going most of the time but gets riled if someone steps on her toes. Good for her. Am anxious to see the pictures of her you intend to have made. Do it as soon as you can. And be sure to let me know how your check up with the doctor comes out and how much Sandra weighs and how she is getting along...

And now if the censor passes both letters, I and I think he will, I'll go to bed and get some sleep.

Loads of love, Lee" 

How I Got Into Show Business and Other Stories

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Smacksy Sunday Links

Why it's a terrible idea to put your resolutions on hold.

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And this sweet owl.

Happy Sunday.

Smaksy Saturday Photo: So Helpful

When I'm trying to make the bed and this guy happens. 

Friday, November 1, 2019

It's Me. For you. On YouTube.

Here's the little intro video I made. It's an announcement about my announcement that I have started a new YouTube channel for your viewing enjoyment. It will be sort of like the blog but different because different content but also because it's me talking to you instead of you reading to yourself. I'm kind of excited and it as excellent as winging it on the fly can get. Maybe. Click HERE to see the new channel. Please Like, Comment, Subscribe, and press the bell to get notifications about when I post some new goodness for you. You guys are nice.