Monday, November 18, 2019

March 20, 1944

Another letter from my grandfather to my grandmother.

March 20, 1944

Hi you and little you,
Several evenings ago I tried my luck at bicycling and like a good bit of other luck, it wasn't as good with English bikes. The front brake was broken and the back one broke while I was riding it, so I just rode around a bit without any brakes. The chain jumped off a couple of times also - more fun.

Had tea last evening. This time they served tarts and maids of honor. The tarts are a bit of jelly placed in the center of a bit of bread dough. The maids of honor are about the same with a small sponge cake top. The crumpets are something like a biscuit. All of them are swell when served with tea. The pictures I told you about are finally ready. They are definitely not good - they look too much like me. Going to send to you just to let you see what your old man looks like sometimes when he is looking over the situation.

How nice it would be to hear a jukebox again with a bit of American jazz pouring forth in its sentimental manner. Just think, to be able to go down across the street from the bus station and play some music, eat a sandwich, and drink a cup of good coffee. Many is the time I have though of it.

Time for me to get some shut eye so bye for now.
Love and kisses,

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