Tuesday, November 5, 2019

January 26, 1944

This letter from my grandfather to my grandmother was sent from Camp Howze, Texas where he was stationed at a training camp. The Kathleen he refers to is his sister. My mother (Sandra) had been born fifteen days before and he had yet to meet her.

"Hello Puss, and Little Puss,
Today there was no word from you but  letter from Kathleen came this afternoon. It is enclosed and the cross cannons she spoke of are those that I wore during the first two years that I was in the Army. If you would like them, tell her and she will send them to you.When I left on the train last week, I forgot to tell her what to do with them. Both Mother and Kathleen came down there to the station to see me off.

From your letter of Sunday, it sounds as if Sandra has been handed both of our temperaments all rolled up into one. Quiet and easy going most of the time but gets riled if someone steps on her toes. Good for her. Am anxious to see the pictures of her you intend to have made. Do it as soon as you can. And be sure to let me know how your check up with the doctor comes out and how much Sandra weighs and how she is getting along...

And now if the censor passes both letters, I and I think he will, I'll go to bed and get some sleep.

Loads of love, Lee" 

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