Thursday, September 11, 2014


"Mom! I saw an ad that David is on that new show!"

"He is. I think it premieres pretty soon."

"How did he become an actor? I mean how did he learn it?"

"I think he started with some classes but for him, I think it's a gift he has. He has something that can't be taught that makes his acting special."

"What do you mean  - gift? Like a present?"

"An ability he was born with. Think of Dad. He has practiced guitar for a long time to get better and better but I think he also has a musical gift. We all have gifts of one kind or another."

"Yeah, I know what my gift is."

"Being awesome?"

"Yes! How did you know that?"


  1. been following your blog since Bob was 4. He should know that far away in Indonesia, I've been watching him growing up. He's cute :D