Wednesday, September 24, 2014


"Mom! Did you see me get hit with the soccer ball?"

"I did. Are you okay?"

"I guess so. I wasn't at first."

"Did you get hit in the stomach? Did it knock the wind out of you?"

"No. I got hit in the literal balls. Literally."


  1. You are so popular! How do these fancy people find sweet humble you :)While I not an owner of said "balls" That had to have knocked the air out for a bit. He is one tough cookie! Oh to back track on yesterdays post, I own 2 furry friends (they own me really) I talk to them all the time and they listen. My neighbors think I hear voices and look at me funny at times :) Have a lovely Wednesday...

  2. Good example of the correct use if the word literal. Perhaps you are growing a soccer playing writer.

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