Monday, April 24, 2017


When Bob was old enough to crawl, we gave away our dangerous-for-babies glass coffee table. We replaced it with a large upholstered ottoman with soft edges. Now, ten years later, we felt it was time to let the baby-proofed furniture go and get a grown up coffee table.

Yesterday, we left the ottoman at the curb in front of our house with a "free" sign on it. An hour later, a couple pulled up and wrestled it into the back of their van. I came out to the front steps and waved and thanked them for taking it.

Mr. Rosenberg put together the new coffee table that was delivered to our door in a giant box. The table is wood and metal and has pointy, grown-up edges. We have breakable things sitting out on the new coffee table because it's ten years later and our baby is 5'1" and everyone is growing up and the new coffee table is one more thing that proves that time is speeding by.

And Ted has claimed the bottom shelf for his personal chin rest.