Monday, April 17, 2017

The Deal

"Mom? Thanks for taking me to all my baseball things. It's like every day."

"I'm happy to. It's not every day."

"It's six days a week. Sometimes twice a day."

"That's true. Don't forget - I only ask one thing in return."

"When I get to the major leagues, I have to use your walk-on song."

"Which is?"

"'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin."


"I know, Mom. I know."


  1. Excellent choice! (*involuntary head bobbing*)

  2. That song is transcendental. The "No Quarter" version by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant is four minutes longer, which means, of course, four more minutes of awesomeness.


  3. Umm...Chase Utley walked up to Kashmir in the 6th(?) last night against the Giants. Giants still won. ;]