Friday, April 21, 2017

The Gold Mining Play in Room 18

"Thinkin'? Now, what're you doin' a fool thing like that fer?"

"Perfect Bob. I think you've got all your lines memorized. What kind of voice are you going to use?"

"Um? My own voice?"

"I mean for your character. His name is 'Grubby.' Don't you think he'd sound like an old guy?"

"I'm not doing a weird voice, Mom."

"Maybe he's got a limp!"

"No, Mom."

"Maybe he's kind of hunched over, like this."


"It's acting, Bob! How about a little character background? He's supposed to be panning for gold while he's talking, right? How's your space work? Maybe his teeth whistle when he talksss like thisss."

"Please stop."