Thursday, June 20, 2019

A Star

Photo Credit by Jeff Stroud

I'm taking an online writing class this summer with teachers Robin Rice and Emily McDowell at The writing prompts are pictures and we are free to write whatever we'd like to as inspired by the photo. Over the next few weeks, I'll post some of my homework. 

Here's what I wrote to go with the photo above:

What are the things you knew you could always count on? The places, people, loves, and regrets you knew your soul would always be entwined with? Mouths you’ve kissed, books you’ve read, front porches you’ve sat on that would always mean home? You knew these were in a category of timelessness but they proved not to be. Experience has shown, you can’t even count on yourself.
You’ve surely watched as you’ve left yourself alone in the cold desert at night. Maybe by now you’ve stood on a fault-line and felt the solid earth move out from under you. This was a surprise to you every time it happened.
I’m guessing by now you’ve pawned the wedding ring or the idea of one. You’ve forgotten the words to the song, and most of the secrets. Everything you’ve known to be true has cycled through, and been replaced by changes you could never foresee, or chose not to because change is hard. Change is always constant and inevitable.
But these two things will forever be true: 
My love for you is a star that will never burn out. 
And I adore a saccharine metaphor.

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