Thursday, December 23, 2021

12th Annual Bob's 99 Cent Store Holiday Shopping Trip (*Spoilers for immediate family)

We're twelve years in with this shopping extravaganza. Since Bob was three. Bob is now fifteen-years-old. Is it still happening? You bet.

Bajan (Jeff's Mom): Faux shearling infinity scarf  "For a cozy neck"

Pops - Wood-Look Travel Water Bottle "Since Pops likes hiking and climbing those stairs at the park. He loves those stairs. I went with him once. It was not love for me."

Jen - USB Plug-In Personal Fan "I know she's at her computer a lot. So for when she's doing that. In the summer."

Me - Scented Christmas Candle With a Drawing of a Red Station Wagon With a Tree Tied on Top "Look, Bob. This red station wagon reminds me of our old car." "Oh, yeah. Me too. Mom can you look away and go to the next aisle please? And whatever you do, don't look back."

Mr. Rosenberg - Can of Spicy Peanuts "Dad loves nuts and spicy things. This says it's really spicy. Betcha dad won't even think it's spicy. A thing has to be REALLY spicy for him to start sweating on his head."

MeeMee (My Mom) - 5" Ceramic Santa Gnome "She needs more decorations for sure."

Aunt Jill - Large Sparkly Unicorn Ornament "Does she like horses? This one's kind of weird, but I like it."

Wishing you a holiday filled with gnomes and unicorns. Merry Christmas.