Sunday, April 7, 2024

Goodbye Sweet Levi

Today we said farewell to our sweet Levi who had been battling a large and awful mass in his abdomen for some time now. A veterinarian came to the house today to help set him free on his great journey. 

Before he came to live with us, in one of his previous placements from the dog rescue, Levi lived for a short time in an assisted living. He did not end up being the right fit there ultimately, but the residents loved him. In the evenings, the folks who wanted a visit from Levi would leave their doors open so he could wander in. Levi kept to the first floor, never venturing up the stairs. He was afraid of stairs.

One morning, Levi was not in his bed in the lobby. They searched for him in the dining room and the music room and all of the first floor resident apartments. They worried that perhaps he had somehow gotten out. Even though he never climbed the stairs, they eventually went looking for him on the second floor. Still, no sign of him.

Later that morning, he was finally found on the third floor. He was curled up sleeping at the foot of the bed of a woman who they soon discovered, had died overnight. She didn't pass alone. Levi had been at her side.

I wish you all could have met him. He was such a good boy.