Monday, June 14, 2010


"Lisa? Lisa? Lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!"

"Bob, why are you calling me Lisa?"

"Because your name is Lisa."

"It is but I prefer you call me mama, or mom."

"But you call me my name. My name's Bob and you call me it."

"I do. But I would like you to call me mama."


"It's respectful and it's traditional. I'm old-school like that."

"Old school is kindergarten for five year-olds and I am still four."

"Please just call me mama, Bob."

"Okay, Mama."

"Thank you. Will you please ask Daddy if he's done with this coffee?"

"Jeff! Mama wants to know if you're done with your coffee."


  1. The first time one of my kids called me by my first name, I was surprised how unhappy it made me. While repeated whines of mom can get annoying after a while, it can also be the sweetest word in the world.

  2. Bwahahahaha!!!! Next it'll be Mr. and Mrs. R.

  3. You really can't make this shit up, can you?

  4. Excellent!

    Hubs and I have found ourselves in that uncomforatble position of calling each other "Mama" and "Daddy" because of this confusion - it makes me feel old. Oh so very old.

  5. I refused to let my kids call me by my name. THAT name is a name anyone can call me but there are only four people who can call me "mama" and they better!
    I love these little conversations, by the way.

  6. Personally, I like the concept of "old school" being kindergarten for five-year-olds. Hilarious! Oh Bob, I hope I can make lunch on Wednesday. I need to see the phenomenon in person.

  7. I bet, deep down, Bob's old school too. And maybe a lawyer.

  8. The summer Jack was 4, he called me, "Hey, Lady" for two months. It was like living with Jerry Lewis.

  9. The Bobster has a great, dry sense of humor and/or you are simply fabulous at writing dialogue. You two always put a smile in my day. x0 N2

  10. Jonathan has done this very thing and of course I mean "Lisaaaa!" Because that's my name too! So funny though when they do that!

  11. Kindergarten is old-school. LOVE it. The kid has irreproachable logic, but he's too plugged into to the wisdom of the cosmos to be a lawyer, I think. Moochie calls me by my given name, which isn't K A B L O O E Y. She does it infrequently enough to crack me up and not give me pause. I hate referring to each other as "mommy" and "daddy" because it makes me think we're the Reagans.

  12. I remember when our little guy called me "honey" b/c that's what my husband did. Such sweetness.

  13. My little guy sometimes likes to call me "Mama Sophie". I'm cool with that, as long as he remembers the mama part.
    And re what the EMPRESS said just before me, you don't want to know what else he does like his father. It's really time to start talking about fondling mama.

  14. LOL!!! This kid is going places!