Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'll Take a Warm Up, Thanks

On our weekend trip, Jeff and Bob and I had breakfast at a country themed restaurant/gift shop. We were surrounded by floral wallpaper borders and vintage apple crate art. There were garlands of silk flowers and candles shaped like cows. A young bride and her bridesmaids sat in a booth nearby plotting the next few hours leading up to her wedding. A retired couple shared a newspaper at the table across the way. Jeff got up to pay the bill and Bob and I stayed behind finishing our eggs.

“Mama? I’m a Battle Droid. You are Princess Leia and I am going to blast you.”

“Okay, but finish your scone-thing, babe.”

“I have a blaster and I will blast your arm!”

“Mmm hmm.”

A small group of Red Hat Society ladies walked by wearing matching “We’re On a Road Trip!” t-shirts.

“I am blasting your tummy!”

“Please do.”

“I am blasting your bottom!”

“Okay, Bob. Let’s settle down.”

“Now I am blasting your vag-“

“Do not finish that thought! Let’s talk about something else, please.”



“Mama? Does God like biscuits?”

“Yes he does.”


  1. Excellent change of topic!
    I can't help noticing Bob's fascination with God's likes and dislikes. He might grow up to be a survey person :D

  2. You could turn this into a column - Crackerbarrel Confidential

  3. Pachinko machine strikes again.

  4. Heeheehee.....gotta love that Bob! Funny boy!

  5. And on the 8th day, God created baked goods.
    I heart you Bob.

  6. Odd. I always figured God was a bagel person.

  7. If God is a man there is only one thing he likes more than biscuits and I will not bother to tell you here what that is.

  8. I could have sworn god tasted like bacon - maybe that's the devil instead. Oops! My bad.

  9. Ha! God and Star Wars by Bob Rosenberg.

    (PS. My son doesn't know that word. It isn't that I think he SHOULDN'T, but after he learned the word "nipples" he started using it to get our attention in public places. "Let's change the subject!" only means he yells it louder. It isn't embarrassing at all.)

  10. Ha! No one and no thing is saved from bob's blaster, including red hat society lady's vajayjays...

    gotta love this one and the visual...

  11. Excellent save! You have quick Jedi reflexes.