Friday, June 11, 2010

Daisy's Thursday Schedule

7:27am Watch out the front window as Jeff drives away to work.

7:28am Get back in the big bed and spoon with the cat the kid and the lady.

8:05am Eat a peanut butter dog biscuit in the shape of a car.

8:07am Back in bed.

9:50am The end-of-cycle buzzer on the clothes dryer goes off unexpectedly. Shake uncontrollably and run to the back of the bedroom closet.

10:10am Shaking.

10:20am Stop shaking. Remain burrowed in back of closet.

10:45am Joined in back of closet by child.

10:51am Remain in closet, child leaves.

11:20am Remain in closet.

12:15pm Still in closet.

12:40pm Closet.

1:10pm Hear mailman on porch. Bolt from closet. Bark ferociously through the front window.

1:11pm Ordered to stop "causing a ruckus." Return to closet.

1:12pm Continue barking ferociously from inside the closet.

1:14pm Abandon barking. Commence howling. Remain in closet.

Take that, mailman.


  1. Too funny! My dog hear the dryer and runs to front door ...why I don't know! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I want to give Daisy a big hug. She's got the most soulful eyes.

  3. Aaaah. Sounds like Daisy needs Xanax! Love the shivery photo....

  4. Why do I have the feeling that this is similar to the Wednesday and Friday schedules as well?

  5. Poor Daisy. I feel your pain. Good for you for having your priorities in order. Postal carriers are intruders and the child and the lady must be protected from all that junk mail.

  6. Tell Daisy the blonde dogs on Mullen are handling all Eastside postal carrier surveillance.

  7. Dear Daisy,

    Please don't feel bad. I am afraid of thunder. I am also afraid of the possibility of thunder. When the wind blows, I get scared it is going to thunder. The wind blows a lot.

    I scratch at the door. I am not allowed on the bed. When there is thunder, I get on the bed. The lady lets me. The boy talks to me like I am a baby.

    I like it.

    I have no depth perception. Depth perception is overrated.

  8. That poor dog. She's never survive in our house.

  9. Great idea. A day in the life of a family pet.


  10. So Daisy's brave... Our dog, Mary [miniature schnauzer], is terrified of the vacuum, but she tries to attack it. Cute idea!

  11. I'm laughing out loud here b/c boy do I know that scenario. This is why I love dogs.

  12. We have one that trembles and hides when a smoke detector beeps for a low battery. And FIREWORKS!!! WE DON'T want to go there... One year we had to get sedatives from the vet! LOL!! Thanks 4 SAHRING! ;)

  13. Poor Daisy. That's how our dog reacts to thunder.