Monday, September 13, 2010

3:20 AM

Photo via We Heart It

"Mom? Are you awake? Mom?"

"What's going on, Honey? Are you okay?"

"I had a bad dream. Can you get in my bed, please?"

"Sure. What was your dream about?"

"There was a closet monster and he was a bad guy and there was wind and loud things."

"That sounds scary."

"It was a very nightmare."

"Well let's think of some good things we can dream about instead."

"I'll go first. Ice cream would be a good dream."

"That would be very good. Okay, I'll pick birds flying."

"Together? Like a family?"

"Yes. I like them when they fly in a formation that looks like the letter V."

"Me too. I'll pick ice cream for my next dream after that. Except this time I'll pick chocolate."

"Nice. Okay I need a really good one now..."

"I have an extra good one for you, Mom."

"Let me guess. Ice cream?"

"Yeah and you can pick any flavor you want."

"Sweet dreams, Bob."


  1. So sweet. I'd like to dream of ice cream too. Can you arrange that?

  2. I'll dream of Bob Rosenberg, please.
    Great picture.

  3. Ice cream is always a good dream. Hmmm, I had a nightmare last night. next time, I'll remember to think about ice cream.

  4. Boys have a one-track mind. It's all about food.

  5. My good dream is that I fly to California (and because it is a dream I don't have any anxiety on the plane) and I get to give Lisa a great big birthday hug and I get to give Bob an ice cream cone.

  6. Birds flying eating ice-cream sounds like a good dream too. Just sayin'.

  7. Moochie luckily hasn't had nightmares, but every night we ask her what she's going to be dreaming about and she picks something cool. Like ice cream. I'm very sorry he had to suffer through it but I am so glad to read the quote "It was a very nightmare." Sounds like the start of a good children's book.