Monday, September 6, 2010


"May I have one more cookie please, Mama?"

"I don't know..."

"Mama! Please!"

"Come here, Bud."


"You know that whining doesn't work."

"It should."

"But it doesn't. Let's talk about this."


"How many cookies have you had already? For real."


"Well, three is a lot of cookies."

"Four always works for me."

"That's a solid argument."


  1. My son has the habit of asking his grandma for "half a chocolate", and then the other half: i.e. a piece and another piece. He knows I don't want him to have two straight from the beginning.

  2. When I'm trying to get Pixie to have a few more bites of dinner, I'll say, "Five more bites." To which she inevitably responds, "No, four more." This will go on until I say, "Okay, four. And then one more bite?" Works every time. At least until she learns how to add.

    I love, love Bob's Star Wars apron!!!

  3. If I met Bob Rosenberg, he would get four kisses.

  4. Four works for me too. Plus 2 more.

  5. at my parents house "Papa" has a two hand rule, if you ask for a cookie you must have one for each hand. He's a great favourite with the Grandkids

  6. Bob Rosenburg's logic works for me, too.
    Love stopping by here to see how you guys are doing family.
    Love that Bob! (a saying my mom picked up from "The Bob Cummings Show") x0 N2

  7. Whining: it should work.
    Four always works for me.
    I like the work ethic as demonstrated by Bob.