Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hard Sleeping

"Mom? There was another scary nightmare in my bed last night and hard sleeping."

"Well, that's rotten. What happened in your nightmare?"

"Boba Fett and Jaba the Hutt were trying to carbonite you just like Han Solo."


"Yeah but I was there and so I gave Boba Fett my toy action figure of himself with a jet pack. Then he was happier and turned into a good guy. Then he let you go. But it was still scary."

"It sounds like it."

"I rescued you."

"I think you do that more than you'll ever know, Bob."


  1. As I read these, I can't help but be glad for Bob. What a beautiful chronicle of the every day miracles. When he's all grown, I like to imagine him sitting down to read each and every one of these little bits of his life and knowing he has been well-loved.

  2. I have a lot of nightmares about Jabba the Hutt, but mostly they involve me wearing a swimsuit and being mistaken for him.

  3. I have lately been thinking the exact same thought as Cheryl. What I love and adore about these posts with Bob Rosenberg in them is how respectful you are of him and his childish, wise, Zen-like outlook on life. He will not have to cringe when he comes back later to read these.
    Bob Rosenberg has become a very important part of my day. Thank-you.

  4. Sorry; I couldn't pay attention what with the SIZE OF YOUR BED. If I took a picture of my six year old in mine, you'd see his arms and legs hanging over the edge. And cream linens in a house with a boy? You're a brave, brave woman, Lisa.

    But I'm glad Bob has a soft place to land.

  5. What a neat kid. He's even generous in his dreams.

  6. Your posts make me smile every day, Lisa. And I agree with Cheryl; what a lucky boy to have all these little gems chronicled.

  7. I would like Bob's idea to work for everyone.

    Dealing with a disgruntled serviceperson? Give them an action figure.

    The road-raging driver next to you? They get an action figure.

    Peeved mother-in-laws? Action figure.

    Bob is brilliant.

  8. Oh, tears sprang to my eyes. I can imagine the anguish he felt when he was what they were trying to do to you and he knew what to do right away.

    I read a book on raising boys, that was so interesting, and it spoke of the importance of seeing themselves as heros. Very interesting..I can dig up the title for you, but I think it was "raising boys."

  9. So looking forward to meeting you in Ojai! molly

  10. Awwww, now I know where Bob gets his tender heart.

  11. Okay I know we just "met" but I want to hug him (and you)...what a mensch this kid!

  12. I clicked over from Ann's and starting scrolling through your posts, and I follow you on twitter, but all of this star wars stuff is just warming my heart enough to comment. I have 3 boys - the middle one is 4. And I love that you are a star wars mama - right there in it with him. At least learning the difference between Boba Fett and Kit Fisto. It's something, you know?

    What a dream, by the way. That *would* be scary!