Sunday, December 5, 2010

Smacksy Sunday Links

We're going old-school again with our tree this year (love the smell of Noble Fir) but here are some lovely eco-friendly options.

This game-changing, bow-tying brilliance comes courtesy of my friend Jennifer.

Here's my latest column over at Main Street.

And 1:47 of cats playing patty-cake.

Happy Sunday and Happy Hanukkah.


  1. I've been tying bows wrong all my life. Who knew? Thanks for the links.

  2. I love your column on Main Street. You have such a great talent for writing! You make it sound cool and hip to be on a budget and I wish I could face my finances with the same attitude.

    p.s. Your link to your article above isn't working. It takes me to your Chewbacca post instead. I enjoyed reading that too, and found my way to your Main Street column on my own.

  3. While I do enjoy a good dubbed cat video now and again... this one raised the bar for all dubbed cat videos now and forever.

    I will steal and repost.

  4. Merry December to the Rosenberg household! Will try the Mainstreet link again.