Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fort 3.0

Perhaps you recall our previous forts. Those forts of old were kid stuff. They have been replaced by Bob's Hanukkah present from his godmother. The Star Wars Command Center Fort is, according to Bob, "the coolest, best fort ever on the earth in our galaxy."

The Star Wars Command Center Fort fits inside of Bob's room (barely) and currently holds:
Bob's Star Wars Lego collection
One flashlight
Crumbs from a cheese, mayonaise and bread sandwich
One slightly angry cat
"Gene" the Lego garbage truck driver
One four-year-old child
His mother

*The SWCCF also boasts wi-fi. Obviously.


  1. The wi-fi took it over the top for me!

  2. I'm with gradydoctor. Right over the top!

  3. I think it needs a house-elf too, to tidy up at night.

  4. It's bigger than my first apartment in New York!
    Awesome godmother!


  5. The angry guard cat was a brilliant move. Does he have Yoda ears? (also my computer thinks I spelled Yoda wrong. My computer is suddenly less cool than the fort.)

  6. We pitched a tiny pop up tent in Baby E's room. He loves it.

    He goes in there and just "disappears."

    It does wonders...

  7. As long as you and Bob fit in there together...it's priceless.

  8. "the coolest, best fort ever on the earth in our galaxy."
    im surprised he knows what a galaxy is!!