Monday, December 27, 2010

Worth Every Penny

Bob made his second annual trip to the 99 Cent Store to do his Christmas shopping. The results were spectacular. With careful consideration, he managed to find an item that was somehow perfect for each recipient on his list...

For Jeff: A pair of aviator sunglasses
"Just like the ones he has but with no scratches!"

For Bajan (Jeff's Mom): An angel figurine holding a small red heart
"She'll like the wings-lady."

For Pops (Jeff's Stepdad): A calculator
"Pops will know how to use this with the numbers."

For Mee Mee (My Mom): A blue vase with a shell pattern around the top
"Because Mee Mee likes the beach."

For Aunt Jill (Jeff's Sister): A compact of assorted lip gloss
"For wearing her make ups."

For Aunt Jen (Bob's Godmother): A green vase
"Because Aunt Jen really likes green."

And for me, his mother...

A pint of Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
"Because it's so super good."


  1. LOL - and that hydrogen peroxide is actually PRICELESS!

  2. Hydrogen peroxide IS super good. Now if I could just get my husband to understand that and not run screaming!

  3. He's a wise one. He must know how much fun it is to watch that hydrogen peroxide bubble. Gets me every time.

  4. . . .and little did he know that, in a pinch, the H2O2 can take the place of your colorist! (Take it from me and my family who had to endure my "little orphan Annie stage" circa 1985--all at the hands of a 9th grader and a 99 cent bottle of hydrogen peroxide.)

  5. OMG, hydrogen peroxide is so very super good, for so many things. I use it all the time, much more than I would use a vase.

  6. Oh, gosh! I am laughing out loud!

  7. Kids are the best. And Bob is tops. :)

  8. That Bob is such a thought full Boy!

  9. you should ask bob to read the label!!!

  10. Oh, he is so wonderfully practical. he knows you need this.

    I love it.

  11. That's a good idea to take him to the 99 cent store to shop for everybody. It really gets them into the idea that the holidays aren't just about getting presents, it's about giving as well. Good job :)