Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Update From the Nerve Center

Inside the Fort, End of Day Inventory:

4 Plastic spider rings

1 Light up Crayon themed toothbrush

1 Green felt tip permanent marker, sans cap

Muffin crumbs, copious

1 Wooden hot dog

1 Red croc sandal, child size 10/11

1 Plush white horse, “Wallace”

1 Sony Ericsson cell phone, ringer has been muted

2 Pair Super Friends underpants, size 4

1 Red flashlight, on

1 Five year-old black Labrador Retriever-mix, "Daisy"

4 Matchbox-style NYPD police and rescue vehicles

Chewed celery, exact quantity unknown

1 Ride Along With Thomas electronic book, with 12 Sounds From the Island of Sodor

1 Set of keys including only existing key for red 1996 Volvo wagon


  1. Thank god he brought a change of underwear, because nowhere on that list did I see Port-O-Potty.

    PS - Sounds of Sodor Rocks Hard. Sir Toppum Hat wails on the drums.

  2. Oh, goodie! you found the car keys!

  3. It's the underpants that worry me just a bit.

  4. And you found the phone. What a beautiful quilt!

  5. Thanks Juli. That phone is my nemesis. The quilt was handmade by my great grandmother and I adore it!

  6. It's amazing the things they find to hide in there. Why are the flashlights always left On?
    Good thing you found the key!

  7. "Mom, I need my own place I think. It wont be far and I will still come over for dinner and do laundry if that's ok"

  8. Isn't it funny that we call them forts? Why is that? Some sort of holdover term from revolutionary times? Anyway, the "fort" is a blessing and a curse in our house. He loves to build and play in them but I'm SO done with folding up ALL our blankets and returning pillows to their appropriate bedrooms.

  9. lets be honest, is it really a "wooden" hot dog or a hot dog that got lost in the fort and is so old it looks like it's wooden:)

  10. Do not want to do the sniff test on "wooden" hot dog.

  11. Hey! That's more than I took to my first apartment. But it sounds like he's got all the important stuff covered. You may not see him for a few days, so make sure you leave fresh water out.