Sunday, November 1, 2009

Smacksy Sunday Links: Fall Back

Here's the thing. This whole Halloween week was nuts. It was fun but I am exhausted. We had zero trick or treaters this year so in the last three hours I've eaten a cord of peanut M&M's and I'm having difficulty focusing. God bless the time change, I really need the extra hour.

I can't make a decision so I'm giving you a choice for today's links and really, you can't go wrong with any of them.

This one is elegant in only the way a cat playing the piano with an orchestra could be and is giving my husband ideas about a new hobby for Pearl.

This one is an ad for your next favorite pair of jeans with an awesome smooth jazz soundtrack.

This one
is the queen of Canada performing shocking new wave duets.

Enjoy. I'm "falling back" into bed. (See what I did there?) So sleepy.


  1. oh, winkers!!!! terry never calls me from work during a busy day, but he actually did a few weeks ago to say:

    "i sent you a video. watch now."

    you all must have some secret thread of youtube videos and memes that you pass along to each other in the biz.

  2. I sure agree with you that this was a hectic week. My daughter had a Halloween party yesterday and we spent a lot of time getting ready for it. But it was so much fun, it was definitely worth it! How appropriate that we get an extra hour today!

  3. I have serious concerns about the trick or treating activities this year. I bought as much candy as I have in the past and am left with much too much to keep my body looking hot.

    Yeah, that's it. It's the extra candy. Without it, I'd be hot.

  4. Between the candy hangover and the weird duets, I am feeling like I might hurl. Now that's entertainment!

  5. I am incredibly impressed with the Winkers. If Garth eats all of the Halloween candy leftover from last night (we only had three Trick or Treaters!) Perhaps I can consider a pair of these as a Christmas gift. What a great find!


  6. I have decided I need it to be a 30 hour day. That would enable me to get alot more done AND get more sleep which would mean that I would no longer walk into tables and chairs....bump into door jams......jam my fingers in things.....remember poor exhausted brain.....

  7. Health! Dieting! What a stress hey? We came to an agreement where we don't buy junk food; we just eat everyone else's.