Friday, July 1, 2011

Jedi Camp: Day 4

"Bob? What's the most important thing you've learned from Obi Wan this week?"

"To have fun."

"That's great. I love that."

"He said we have to have fun or he'll throw us in the garbage can."

"Wow, and that works?"


"So... I'd like you to pick up your room or I'm going to have to throw you in the garbage can."

"Mom? You're not even a Jedi."


  1. Tell him that you're going to Mom Jedi camp while he's asleep and that you are INDEED a Jedi. Now clean up that room!

  2. Yeah right Ms. Moon, everyone knows there's no such thing as Mom Jedi Camp!

  3. This is a John Williams tribute, but there's lots of Star Wars in it:

  4. Duh, Mom. ;) LOL

  5. Ah, yes, but the Force is even stronger with moms than it is with Jedis......