Friday, July 15, 2011

Lego Camp: Day 4

photo from here

"Today we talked about weight loads on catapults and how you could build the pyramids in Egypt with catapults as long as you had the right weight loads and then we made these towers that were super tall and made these motorized things that could rescue the guy on top of the tower and we did a battery operated helicopter and robots that walked and I also made a Lego guy that looked like me."

"That's amazing. Take a deep breath, Bob."

"And those little round things on the Lego bricks are called knobs."

"You having fun?"



  1. I'm thinking that Bob Rosenberg may have found his calling.

  2. My big girls have spent the week making stop-motion films with legos, and they're hysterical. I have to figure out some way to convert them and post them.

  3. Oh, I love this. It's just magical what you do here.


  4. Did you even have to ask, Mom? ;) lol

  5. Weight loads on catapults? Holy moly, that's some serious Lego camp. Is next week Calculus camp?