Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lego Camp

"So, Mom? Where is the Lego Camp?"

"It's in that same room at the park that Jedi Camp was."

"Are they going to have the big Duplo Legos or the grown up kind?"

"Well, the camp is for five to eight-year-olds."

"So grown up Legos, then?"


  1. You obviously live in the coolest place in the world. First Jedi camp and now Lego camp? Does Bob have any idea how lucky he is?

  2. The rite of passage to enter the world of "grown-up" Legos is when you no longer try to eat them. What awesome camps!

  3. Summer with Bob = Best time ever.

  4. These camps sure seem better suited to our Bob than last year's soccer camp.

  5. Grown up Legos -- but of course! lol

  6. I met Bob's match a couple of Sundays ago. I taught a gaggle of six year olds - four of them visiting their grandparents. One little guy insisted his name is not Jonas and would only respond if I called him "Legos."

    I met his mother later and told her how much I loved her son. She looked so hopeful when she asked, "Was he good?"

    "No," he answered honestly, "but he was a lot of fun."

    I should have lied.

  7. That caught me by surprise. It shouldn't have, but it did. Nice one, Bob.

  8. clark is exactly the same way about legos. exactly. except his preferred description is "the big-kid kind that kai and i like". i won't tell you his preferred description for duplos.