Monday, October 31, 2011

The Sorting Hat Has Spoken

It's Official

Bob's Godmother, Aunt Jen, has made Bob's Halloween costumes every year with the exception of the lost year of Han Solo '10.
She created The Pumpkin.
The Cowboy.
The Triceratops.
And of course, The Bee.
And now... this year:
Harry Potter.

Happy Halloween.


  1. Happy Halloween to the Smacksy family!

  2. Happy Halloween! Bob makes an excellent wizard. :)

  3. Happy Halloween!! We feel your excitement!!

  4. Lisa, that Bob just gets cuter. I especially love "retro" Bob in the pumpkin patch.

    The look on their faces is priceless. Ringo is all, "How many more years until I can get my own place?" and Bob has the look of resignation known only to those who are loved *just* right.

    Happy Halloween. Or Hallowe'en. Or All Hallow's Eve. Whatever they're calling it this year.

  5. my favourite has to be the triceratops.

  6. That's fabulous! Have a wonderful Halloween you guys...



  7. Excellent! My Bee (she's 6) was Hermione tonight.

    Me? I imagine I'd be in Hufflepuff House.

  8. Bob's pumpkin cheeks were outrageous. And that post was hilarious too and brought back memories of zipping my kid into a store-bought legless lobster costume that she hated so much one would have thought we were dangling her over a pot of boiling water. All shots of costumed Bob make me swoon and wish we had a talented godmother. Has she considered Project Runway?

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