Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Very Smacksy Thanksgiving Menu

Okay, so I haven't posted recipes in a long time but Thursday is Turkey Day and I assume you're all still eaters . If you're here in the States you may be wanting these recipes about now and if you're somewhere else you might want to go for it anyway because this stuff is just good.

First - This is the story of my rad stuffing that I've been making since the 80s. It's magic.

Then - There is this recipe for twice baked sweet potatoes I got from La Martha.
*Hint: Re-stuffing the sweet potatoes is a tremendous pain in the yam, so I just take the filling and spread it in a casserole dish and bake it with the toppings that way. Fabulous.

Next - I'm trying this for the first time this year - it's a new take on the old green bean casserole from Michael Chiarello. He did seem like a turd that season he was on Top Chef Masters, but his recipe looks really good. *I just might use those old-school fried onions in the can instead of frying my own and by "might" I mean I already bought a can of them.

Last - There will be pie: pumpkin and pecan. It may not be fancy, but the best recipe for the pumpkin is on the side of the pumpkin can and the greatest recipe for the pecan is on the back of the Karo syrup bottle. I know, but trust me on this. *The key with the pecan is to cut the pecan pieces really small.

I have a lot of eating to do over the next couple of days to train for Thursday.


  1. They certainly DO still make Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix. I couldn't do Thanksgiving without it! And try using chicken stock instead of water in it. Uh-huh.

  2. Heck yeah! They still have Pepperidge Farms! I'm with Ms.Moon. I am thinking we should load our kids up and ago to Ms. Moon's. What do you say? You know she's gonna have all kinds of yummy goodness over there!!

  3. When people don't chop their pecans small, it makes pies the world over very sad.

  4. The other key to the pecan is to stir in one thing at a time really well to make sure it is incorporated.

  5. Have you been watching Next Iron Chef? Chiarello is still a turd. But boy can he cook!

  6. i remember doing thanksgiving crafts as a kid.

  7. Ingredients get folded in one bit at at time, a bit at a time.

    Double stuffed is a pain in the yam that is worth the calorie burning effort.

    Yes, Pepperridge Farms still sold in CowCountry, anyway.

    And cook your stuffing, potatoes, in chicken broth, You'll thank me over and over


  8. Smacksy watches Top Chef masters and also found Michael Chiarello an insufferable bully? We should Skype during the current season. Bob, Top Chef, that's a fun night. I also have a question for Bob: My 5 year old nephew is getting into star wars and I need to buy him a present or presents. What would be the most fun, best gifts for him? hat would you want if you didn't have your whole stash? What would you get first?