Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

In 1946, my Uncle Daryl was to have received three medals in recognition of his service in World War II. For some unknown reason, it was overlooked at the time. Two weeks ago this was corrected.

Officers from the Navy drove four hours from Houston to Tyler, to award these long forgotten medals. The colors were honored and The Watch was read. Thank you to Daryl and all of our veterans for their service and sacrifice.

The Watch

For twenty years
This sailor has stood the watch
While some of us were in our bunks at night

This sailor stood the watch

While some of us were in school learning our trade

This shipmate stood the watch
Yes, even before some of us were born into this world

This shipmate stood the watch

In those years when the storm clouds of war were seen brewing on the horizon of history

This shipmate stood the watch

Many times he would cast an eye ashore and see his family standing there

Needing his guidance and help

Needing that hand to hold during those hard times

But he still stood the watch

He stood the watch for twenty years

He stood the watch so that we, our families and

Our fellow countrymen could sleep soundly in safety, each and every night

Knowing that a sailor stood the watch

Today we are here to say,

"Shipmate, the watch stands relieved

Relieved by those You have trained, guided, and lead

Shipmate you stand relieved. We have the watch."

Boatswain. Standby to pipe the side. Shipmate's going Ashore.

Happy Veteran's Day.


  1. I don't have the words! The look on your uncle's face is amazing. This is very moving, and a fine reminder of the day. Thank you, Lisa!

  2. Well, thank heaven somebody finally caught the error while your uncle could still receive his awards --- even if they're late.
    It's about time, eh?
    Congrats to him.

  3. Okay, this one totally made me cry.

  4. Oh, bless his heart. Happy Veterans Day indeed.


  5. Oh my gosh.

    I didn't make it to the last half. My eyes filled with tears just from the photos.

    Happy Veteran's day to Daryl.

    We are honored to know you.

  6. So amazing, your uncle's face says just as much as these words. Thanks for sharing this moment with us.

  7. Gorgeous. Happy Veteran's Day and thank you to Daryl and all other servicemen and women.

  8. This brought tears to my eyes. Happy Veterans Day!

  9. Beautiful. Congrats and thank you to Uncle Daryl!

  10. In Canada it's called remembrance day. So for Canadians like me, Happy Remembrance day!!

  11. I am so very glad Uncle Daryl was able to receive his awards. How very proud of him your family must be! Thank you, Daryl, for keeping watch. Thank you.

  12. Grateful they honored him and let him know his service was not forgotten and continues to be appreciated.