Friday, January 6, 2012


"There you are!"

"Mom! I couldn't find you all over the store!"

"I know I couldn't find you either! I was so worried! Did you hear me calling you?"

"I was calling you too!"

"Poor, honey."

"Mom, I was going to ask someone who works in the store to help me find you because that's a good idea but then I decided to start crying instead."


  1. OMG - worst feeling ever!

    Sometimes crying really helps. That's what I do when I need help in a store, too.



  2. Oh, that broke my heart! I almost decided to start crying just reading it.

  3. Lost then-four at the ZOO last summer. UGH.

  4. My son, now 13, got lost at Bass Pro Shop when he was four. My husband was in eye-sight of me, I pointed him out to my son and he walked that way. Only, my husband moved before he could get there. He didn't freak out, but went to an employee and asked them to find us. They evidently paged us over the store intercom, but we couldn't hear it over the loud music blaring over the speakers. I was ready to FREAK OUT by the time our friends ran into the employee and got it all straightened out. I was impressed that my son remained calm while I was going nuts.

  5. aww. i would've helped bob any day

  6. I think that way, too, bob...what I should do but then I decide to cry instead.

  7. I still have those dreams when I can't find my mom at the store and the store closes and they turn off the lights.

    I'm 46 years old...