Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Day of Lucky By Bob Rosenberg

1. I got to have a play-date at my house with friend Ringo. Real lucky.

2. Me and Ringo gave each other Christmas presents and I got some Legos and a magic wand and some other good things and those were all luckies.

3. I wore the monkey-in-a-Santa-hat pajamas all day until it was time to go to swim class. Lucky!

4. It was super cold so my swim teacher let us go in the Jacuzzi pool where there's bubbles and jets and everything. Also lucky.

5. I heard my favorite song on the radio and you can't make the radio do what you want because it just does what it wants and I heard my favorite so that was awesome lucky.

6. We had pizza for dinner. This was the luckiest day of my ever. So far.


  1. Wow. I wish I could have a day like that.
    Good thing even Bob's old enough to realize how rare such days are.

  2. This is pure love, pure Bob Rosenberg.

  3. we should all be so lucky to appreciate the little things in our lives! Lucky day, Bob!

  4. I just read this to Ringo. He wants me to tell Bob,
    1. "First I got to have a play date with Bob. That was my favorite thing that happened."
    2. "Second that was the most awesomest science kit Bob gave me ever in my whole life."
    3. "I love that Lego Book Bob gave me. It's the coolest awesomest, coolest awesomest, coolest awesomest idea book I ever got ."
    4. "Bob's my best friend."


  5. The Bob Rosenberg Day of Lucky should be a national holiday. Imagine how sweet and positive this nation would be for even but one day. Oh, the wisdom of Bob. We could all learn so very, very much.

  6. I totally agree about the national holiday. Because if I got to wear my pajamas all day, swim in a Jacuzzi and eat pizza, I would be a very happy person. Thanks, Bob.

  7. And I got to hear all about it, so I am lucky too.