Monday, January 30, 2012

A Close One

"How long until we're home, Dad?"

"We'll be home in a couple of minutes."

"Hey, Dad?"

"Hold on that guy's not stopping that guy's not ---"



"That was a close one."

"Yeah, that guy was on his cell phone and blew right through the stop sign."

"You're a good driver, Dad."

"Thanks, Pal."

"Fifty points to Gryffindor."


  1. the header pic is so cute. what was bob doing? looking tired and cute. btw, how did you come up with the word smacksy?

  2. And -10 points for the Slytherin-types who can't multitask on their phones. Just had to follow one in a car, driving 20mph down a 50mph road. UGH.

  3. I hear you.

    SO GLAD you know what we're talking about here.

    This morning on Good Morning America they said 18 teens die a day b/c of texting while driving.


    How horribly SAD.

    Yes, I lecture up and down and down and up to my 15 and 16 yr old boys...