Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm Going to Assume It's a Guy Thing

"Hey, Brandon! Check this out! My dad put on a new toilet seat and the old one is out here in the trashcan. Wanna see?"

"Yeah! Cool!"


  1. So you just *threw it away?*

    What about all the Pinterest crafting possibilities?

  2. It IS a guy thing. When my dad redid our bathroom a long time ago he put the old toilet out by the curb for trash pickup. I guess the trashmen couldn't take it so when I got home from school there was an old green toilet by the curb. My sister got home later than me and had a fit--she said she had to walk all the way around so she could enter through the back of the house so no one would see her and know she lived at the house with the toilet out front. My mom told her if she didn't chill she was going to use it as a flower planter on our front porch. She chilled.

    1. A potty planter would go over big in our house, apparently...

  3. Sounds riveting to me!

    But I don't get out much.