Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas to You

Blowing out the candles on Jesus' birthday cake. "I hear he really likes mousse cake, Mom."


  1. We have a birthday cake for Jesus too! Something I read about years ago, when the kids were only 2 and 3.

    Now, it's not Xmas eve without cake after church.

    Happy holidays, Bob and family. Jesus also likes chocolate cake with strawberries on top.


  2. I'm sure Jesus likes cake, Bob. I think He's a cake kind of person. I bet He likes ice cream, too -- because what would heaven be without cake and ice cream?

  3. We did the same thing as kids! We used to sing happy birthday to Jesus. My mom always made a carrot cake and would draw a manger scene on it. More recently, she's made a pistachio cake with cherries (green and red). Also very yummy!

  4. My twins WERE born Christmas Eve. The church always has cake for the kids after church, and it has always pissed my kids off. After all, His birthday is the 25th, not Christmas Eve... ;)