Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Card Front Yard Photo Shoot

"Okay, say cheese, Baby. Cheeeeeese! Okay but this time with your mouth open, smiling. Cheeeeese! And try to hold still. Okay, say Ch-- wait, again but eyes up. Eyes up. Up. Up. Up. Eyes up. Okay great but this time don't move your whole head up, just your eyes, just your eyes, just your eyes, Honey. Just your eyes. Great. Perfect. Perrrrrrfect. Hold it just like that and what are you doing? Is that the robot? We're doing the robot now?"


  1. Happy robotic holidays to you, too. :)



  2. Our family photo shoot was somewhat similar. "Smile!" "I am smiling." "You didn't smile." "Yes, I did!" Well, honey, I have 50 pictures that prove you didn't smile.

  3. My brother gave up a long time ago and just started putting the dogs' pictures on the Christmas cards. He says it's easier.

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