Friday, December 14, 2012

What If

"Feel how loose my tooth is, Mom."

"Wow. That is really loose."

"What if it falls out tonight while I'm sleeping? Or what if I swallow it while I'm asleep? What if I lose it in the bed? How will I give it to the Tooth Fairy? How will she know I lost my tooth if I can't give it to her? What do I do? How am I going to collect my cash? Why are you laughing, Mom? This is serious."


  1. Funny! My eldest swallowed two of his first four lost teeth with food...we wrote notes to the tooth fairy to go in the tooth pillow instead. ;)

  2. Dear Bob, when I was 5 years old I had a loose tooth and was going in for surgery and they pushed it into my lung and I died for a long time before somehow coughing it up. Then I got the chicken pox and they made me stay in the hospital forever. The tooth fairy still owes me big time for that.