Thursday, March 28, 2013

Seven Is Soon

Bob has started planning his 7th birthday party. We always start with date, time, venue, and theme.  This year, his birthday falls on a Sunday so we will be having the party on his actual birthday. The time will be the classic: noon. Bob has chosen to have his party at Jump n' Jammin' a kids entertainment center that is long on fun and heavy on apostrophes.  Past themes have included balloons, Elmo, Star Wars (x2), and Zombies & Ninjas.

Today Bob chose the theme for this year's party, his favorite band: Black Sabbath.

I am now busy shopping for black balloons and black streamers and bats, I guess.


  1. If we got them together, Campbell and Bob would rule the world.

  2. Okay,


  3. That's a totally normal Pinterest birthday theme to glean ideas from.

  4. All aboard.....

    Crazy but that's how it goes....

  5. I am a regular reader, but fell a litlle behind this week. I am so sorry about the lovely and wonderful Daisy. Giving your heart to a dog, especially a rescue, is one of the most dangerous and joyous things we can do as people. Hugs to you and your family