Thursday, March 21, 2013


"Mom, did you know that it's true that if you drill to the center of the earth your head will explode?"

"First, I don't know that it's possible to drill to the center of the earth."

"But if it was."

"I've never really heard of anyone's head exploding."

"But Desmond and Felix read it today with their third grade reading buddy and it was a non-fiction. That means it's real mom. Real."


  1. I've been lurking for a couple of months but this? This made my head explode. Just thought you should know.

  2. Wouldn't one die from the heat and magma first? Hmmm.... Bob's got a good point, but I still think the heat would kill a person first. Then again, I'll have to check with a science teacher to be sure. (And I will -- because now I'm curious.)

  3. We have a tall taler in the house too.

    I accept and play along but the teen brothers? They take him to the wall.
    Leave the kid alone. His theories make my head explode and I LOVE IT.

    (the other day he announced that he knows McDonald's secret lemonade formula. I accepted it. The teens? Took him through the wringer)

  4. I'm with Cheryl. Brains all over the wall here, too.



  5. Right. Because everything you read in a book with your third grade reading buddy is true. It's like the internet.

  6. That non-fiction... It'll get you every time.

  7. I always wanted to drill to the other side of the world but was worried that I'd end up hurting someone's feet when the drill came out the other side.

  8. OK, I checked with the school's science department today. Word is that we can't drill deeper than about 9 miles because of the pressure. The science teachers agreed that not just our head, but our whole bodies would explode under that much pressure -- if we could somehow withstand the heat.
    Bob, science rocks!