Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Latest

You guys? Daisy's doing great. We went to see the vet on Monday for a check-in and everyone was amazed at how much energy she had. She ran up to the veterinary technician who told us they had been expecting that we would have to carry Daisy into the office. The treatment to reduce the fluid around Daisy's sweet heart that they did last week is helping her to be much like her usual self. She sleeps a lot but she's not in pain.

Daisy has always been a runner. If the front door is open she will take off down the street waiting for us to run after her. It's her fun game and it's our chance to say hi to the neighbors while jogging and wearing pajamas. A few weeks ago, the last time Daisy got out, Teddy followed her and herded her back into the house. He's such a good guy. Daisy's not running out like she used to but she'll still run to the kitchen when she hears the word "treat."

We know the fluid will come back and either that or the cancer itself will cause problems soon enough, but for now we are all enjoying our time with her. Every day is a little party.


  1. Go Daisy go! And that Teddy... he's a keeper.

  2. Oh, this makes me so happy. Love and hugs to you all!


  3. Having met Teddy I can tell you that is one HELL of a dog. You're lucky you have him. And as for Daisy? Like all queenly females, she's rallying.

  4. Yay, daisy! Smiling and hoping for lots of good days to come.

  5. So glad that she's not in pain.

  6. This makes my heart so happy.