Friday, April 26, 2013

Things That Are Good About Going to Work With Your Dad On Take Your Child to Work Day by Bob Rosenberg

Me and other kids went to work with our parents today for the whole, pretty much whole, day and I had to wear a button up shirt. I met a friend named Adam and I got to wear a badge with my picture on it. Adam's in second grade and I got to go to the park with him later and we climbed a mountain thing. There were lots of kids at Go-to-Work-Day, maybe more than are in my classroom at school. I had a snack after breakfast of these gummy things that were super good. I got to watch a videos of puppies having a bath and part of Spiderman and part of Karate Kid and the whole movie of Hotel Transylvania. Oh, and the best part? We had pizza for lunch. It was fun but I don't think I want to work there because when I grow up I still want to be in a rock and roll band and be a fireman in the daytime. The end.


  1. That is so sweet... I'm glad this tradition is still around!


  2. Can I go to work with Mr. Rosenberg? That sounds like way more fun than my job!

  3. The world needs both more rock and roll and more firemen. I'd say he chose well.