Monday, November 30, 2015

6th Annual 99 Cent Store Holiday Shopping Trip *Spoiler alert for immediate family!

Over the weekend, we made Bob's annual holiday shopping trip to The 99 Cent Store. Following is a list of the presents that he chose. This year he even did some of the wrapping himself.

MeeMee (my mom) - A "sparkly and pointy" Christmas ornament. "Because MeeMee likes to do decorating and everything."

Mr. Rosenberg - Hot sauce. "Because Dad puts hot sauce on everything. I mean, everything, right Mom?"

Ba-Jan (Mr. Rosenberg's mom) - A Happy Holidays mug with small candies inside. "I've seen her use mugs a lot."

Aunt Jen - A sheet of snowman window cling decorations. "She loves snowmen. I always see them at her house. Not real snowmen because, duh, it's Los Angeles but for decorations snowmen."

Pops - A large sleeve of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. "So he can hide it in his office and eat candy whenever he wants."

Aunt Jill - A Santa hat with attached stuffed reindeer antlers. "This will look great on her!"

Aunt Lynne - A calendar with a garden path theme. "I think she likes things that are pretty and this is pretty."

Me - Small earrings in the shape of mice. "This is a surprise so pretend you didn't see it."