Friday, April 1, 2016

Outta Here

Mr. Rosenberg and I are sitting here in the living room trying to remember the last time we had a date night. A night with a meal and an event sans small chaperone. Elementary school parent functions do not count. We can't come up with anything. How did we let this happen?

Tonight! Tonight Mr. R. and I will be traveling up to Santa Barbara to have dinner and see a concert. Bob will be home with my mom. Delightful food (cooked by not me) and Elvis Costello await us. More importantly, grown up conversation will be happening, at least most of the time.

I'm afraid I won't know how to act in a grown up situation. I'm going to wing it.
And I'll order appetizers.
And delicious overpriced coffee.
And hear Alison.

It's going to be a good night.


  1. Don't cut up anyone else's food and have fun!

  2. Have sex in a broom closet! Okay, wait. That's just what we used to do on our date nights. Not recommended for everyone. (You will never know if this is an April Fool's joke or not.)
    But seriously- I think it is of vital and real importance for parents to remember why they got together in the first place. One day Bob will grow up and move away and yet, you and Mr. R. will still have each other.
    Also- if he does Every Day I Write The Book- think of me, will you?

  3. whoop whoop - hope you had a blast! and.....set a date for a future get-away before this weekend is over!